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35 years of precision
Wire EDM machining

Intricate, close tolerance parts that exceed customer expectations!

C&C EDM, Inc.

At the forefront of Wire EDM technology, since 1981

C&C EDM has been a leader in Wire EDM technology from the outset, introducing it to major stamping houses, precision lead frame die manufacturers, and plastic injection molding companies while it was still in its infancy. And ever since then, Wire EDM has been our only business, so we’ve perfected the technology and guarantee total customer satisfaction with a “Give Us a Challenge” attitude.

Highly accurate, less costly precision parts

If that’s not enough to convince you to partner with us, here’s more

We’re the FIRST…

…to utilize automatic wire threading, down to 0.004″ diameter wire.

We’re the LARGEST…

…to utilize automatic wire threading, down to 0.004″ diameter wire.

We’re the FASTEST…

…in providing, personalized support and services 24 hours a day.

We’re the BEST…

…since we only use the latest CNC-controlled equipment from Agie/GF Machining.

Let’s work together to make
the impossible, possible

Whether it’s close tolerance or complicated features

We offer engineering assistance in the application of Wire EDM, many times finding a less expensive approach to a better part solution. Since our processes are mostly used as an alternative to stamping and fine blanking, we’ve been able to mass produce large quantities of miniature parts to tolerances and shapes that are not otherwise possible. Give us a Challenge — let us help you engineer and prototype parts by thinking outside of the box together!

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the Wire EDM process

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