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C&C EDM Background

In 1981, Chuck and wife Carolyn founded our company, C&C EDM in York, Pennsylvania. This was a time when Wire EDM was in its infancy, and C&C EDM became a pioneer in the technology by introducing it to major stamping houses, precision lead frame die manufacturers, and plastic injection molding companies. We were also able to develop the technology to cater to clients such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Jade Corporation, and AMP Inc. — the world’s largest electronic connector manufacturer.

AMP Inc., founded in 1941, developed a solderless method of attaching electrical terminals to wires that improved connection consistency and manufacturing efficiency. For over 50 years, AMP Inc. dominated the connector industry and was the leading maker of terminals, connectors, and other related products. These components could be found in virtually any finished electronic device, from toasters to supercomputers. C&C EDM was a key partner to the AMP Technology Division by continually pushing the limits on our technology to design and build smaller connector components. AMP Inc. is now part of Tyco Electronics, which still makes up a large part of our core business today.