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Rapid Prototyping

Get the most ideal results when using Wire EDM for rapid prototyping

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Wire EDM Production

Achieve a level of accuracy, intricacy, and fine surface finish not possible with traditional machining

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Small Hole Drilling

Overcome the difficulties of small hole drilling in conventional machining

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Five Axes Independent

Cut intricate shapes and difficult angles with unrestricted machine table movement

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Wire EDM Capabilities
  • 30 Degree Taper
  • Small Diameter Wires
  • Submerged Cutting for Thermal Stability
  • Auto-threading
  • Submerged Cutting for Thermal Stability Surface Finishes to Ra 0.2
Production Quantity
  • High Volume Production
  • Prototype
Quality Control MIL-I-45208A
Quality Control Process
  • CMM
  • Traceable Optical Comparator
  • Traceable GAGE BLOCKS and 0.0001” Increment Gage Pin Library
Software Used
  • PEPS Camtek
  • 3D CAD Interfaces Formats such as STEP, XMT (Parasolid), SolidWorks, IGES