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Five Axes Independent XYZUV

Cut intricate shapes and difficult angles with unrestricted machine table movement

C&C EDM’s Wire EDM machine tables move on the X-Y plane and can position the upper guide independently in the U-V and Z axis, giving the machine the ability to move all five axes (X, Y, Z, U, V) simultaneously to cut tapers or shapes that transition from top to bottom.

Projection under an angle enables the machining of variable reference heights. Thus, a circumferential cylindrical collar of constant height can be created in the workpiece. The tapered section is calculated by our OPTICAM Classic Software and does not have to be included in the construction of the 3D model beforehand.

Partial pocketing is used to combine normal roughing and pocketing. It prevents the creation of slugs during roughing and thus enables an unattended and undisturbed operation.

Rapid Prototyping

Get the most ideal results when using Wire EDM for rapid prototyping

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Wire EDM Production

Achieve a level of accuracy, intricacy, and fine surface finish not possible with traditional machining

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Small Hole Drilling

Overcome the difficulties of small hole drilling in conventional machining

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