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Why Choose Us

Our Unique Capabilities

We feature these at competitive prices:

  • Wire EDM surface finishes to 4 rms
  • Small wire cutting capability down to 0.004″ diameter
  • Part repeatability to 0.0001″
  • Part size to 10″ thick
  • Total automation of Wire EDM cells using precision air-chuck tooling pre-set on custom built laboratory grade surface plate stations, offering 1 part to production quantities
  • 24-hour turnaround when required

Our Special Capabilities

Owning and Operating a Wire EDM Job Shop has always been our only business… For the last 35 years we have specialized in the perfection of Wire EDM technology and guaranteed total customer satisfaction, creating and maintaining lasting partnerships with our customers. Our aim is to become not just a part of the process, but your partner in the process…by offering knowledgeable Wire EDM engineering assistance, many times finding a less expensive approach to a better part solution. We become an integral part of your engineering and manufacturing team. Since our processes are mostly used as an alternative to stamping and fine blanking, we’ve been able to mass produce large quantities of miniature parts to tolerances and shapes that are not otherwise possible. Give us a challenge — let us help you engineer and prototype parts by thinking outside of the box together!